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The Citrus RPG

Be afraid. Be very Afraid.

The Citrus Realm
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This is the Citrus RPG, Livejournal Style.


+Three characters max.
+Posting approval is needed.
+Characters will be identified by user picture.
+No flaming.
+Please apply, ne?
+Please know about the LJ-cut tag!


None. We're starting from scratch. This RPG can be pretty much anything. There are no rules on who or what your characters can be or do. Have fun.

Technical Stuff:

:: It would be great if you'd email usme with info...I don't know if Sam'll want stuff crowding her mailbox. :D

::If you do email me (spicypinkmarmalade@hotmail.com) include the following:

1. Your Name
2. Email and AIM
3. Character name
4. Character personality/traits/quirks (see below)

Personality: [duh]
History: [this should be the family/background]
Quirks: [odd habits]
Likes: [specific]
Dislikes: [see above]
Writing Sample: [3rd person paragraph]

::The way this will eventually work, as soon as Sam and I figure it all out, is that there with be one RPing journal per RPer. As LJ gives you 3 avatar options, and the limit is 3 characters, you'll just use the images to denote which chatacter it is. And as for the actual journal itself, do whatever with it...maybe later on it'll be OOC brainstorming or character info pages or whatever. Okay?

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